Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

145/65 zur Anprobe

Nun hatte ich auch mal Gelegenheit "Hank" die Schuhgröße 145/65er zur Anprobe zu geben... Trotz gründlicher Berechnung geht doch nichts über den Echtversuch! Sieht klasse aus in Natura und harmoniert super zu den 185/65 auf den 5,5 zolligen Hinterrädern. Wie ging noch gleich der Refrain von 'jein' (Fettes Brot)?!

2 Kommentare:

  1. Love your bug. Got a quick question for ya (I pm'ed you on the samba but got impatient, about to buy a beam, already got the dropped spindles). You running a narrowed beam? If so how narrow, and also how you liking the 145/65 over the 165/65 front tires? Thanks.
    Glad google translates your website :)

  2. hi cody,

    sorry for that late reply but i was very busy last week. as for your questions, no i'm running a standard non-narrowed beam cause it's hard to drive it legal over here. I'm liking the 165/65 very much. they don't look too modern and got a little bit oldschool look with a bit less rubber as the usual cal-looking cars drive it. they handle great and don't rub. i also got red koni shocks in the front that make the bug handle like a gokart. but, while standing next to bugs with 145/65...well...the 145s look way better, got an awesome look. so now i'm not sure if i'm gonna change them end of summer. let's see ;)

    can i answer you further questions?
    thanks for using my blog to contact me :)

    take care